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Moving Tips

Why make moving stressful. Plan out your removal

Get an Estimate

Our experienced surveyor will come out to the property and assess items. Our promise is that you will receive the quote within 24 hours after our visit.


Plan Your Move

Organisation is key. Make a plan. Label up all boxes you would like to take with you. Pack away all items you don’t use very often. The loft is a great place to start


Schedule Your Move

We are available 6 days a week. Once you have a date let us know and we will get you booked in

Getting organised

Make a list of all utility bills, insurance documents that will need to be transferred to the new address and schedule a date for this to be redirected. Make a folder with all documents to keep them safe

Clear Out

Sort through all unwanted items before the move to save you moving unnecessary goods to the new property

Book in advance

Contact us as soon as you have a date even if its provisional so you don’t miss out. Appointments for our surveyor is best to be done before a date is given

Packing up

Make suire all boxes are labelled clearly eg. K for Kitchen FRAGILE GLASSĀ 

All fragile items should be wra[pped seperately to protect them while in transit. Heavy and fragile items should be in smaller boxes. Anything you can’t lift we can’t either so just bare this in mind when filling up the boxes.

Essentials Bag

Pack a suitcase with passports, keys clothing, jewelry, important documents a few days before your move and keep them in a safe place. Its important to have these items to hand so we would advice you take these with you in the car if possible so they are easily accessible.

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1a School Street Trading Estate, Hazel Grove, Stockport SK7 4RA.

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